Monday, December 19, 2016

Windows 10 screen position is not saved

Problem: Windows 10 screen position and orientation is lost after a reboot.
Problem: Windows 10 display orientation and positions are not saved after a reboot.
Problem: Windows 10 monitor position not saving  not saved
Problem: Windows 10 monitor orientation not saving not saved
Problem: Windows 10 display settings reset after startup
Problem: Windows 10 display settings lost on restart
Problem: Windows 10 display settings not saved  are lost
Problem: Dual monitors revert to default positions

There are probably many causes for this problem, but in my case, after much testing, and re-formatting, and re-installing, I found the culprit.

Screen positions and possibly orientations are set using either the Windows Settings, "Customize your display" or are set with NVidia's monitor control panel.  Then, after a reboot, the screen's orientation and positions revert to Windows default.

In previous testing the Windows Store disappeared and all Windows Store apps, such as MSN News and oddly, the Windows 10 Calculator (Calc.exe) and the Weather app disappeared.  No amount of Microsoft repair utilities would fix the Windows store.

You are using a Crucial SSD drive.
You installed Crucial's 64-bit "Storage Executive" version 3.34.
Enabled Momentum Cache and the Over Protection partition.

In my case, I have a slotted NVidia video card, driving dual monitors, where the right-hand monitor is vertical.

You may have used the motherboard's onboard PC Display Port.  This is probably not related.

Crucial's Storage Executive is the guaranteed cause of this problem.  I have repeatedly testing this.

I am unclear if this problem is endemic to Crucial's Storage Executive or if this is just with my setup.  I am unclear if this is caused by turning on the Over Protection partition or if it is simply the act of installing Storage Executive.

Update:  Install Storage Executive version 3.38 (or newer).  Crucial released a new version of the software and this resolved this problem.

I know the following did not work:

* Uninstalling Storage Executive
* Re-installing NVidia drivers (376.33) did not help
* Restoring a disk image prior to installing Storage Executive amazingly did not fix the problem!

Bad Solution:
* Re-installing windows, from scratch, after erasing all partitions on the disk, resolved all problems, but I as soon as Storage Executive was installed, the problem re-appeared.

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