Monday, December 26, 2016

Google Fonts - A nice collection of free, easy-to-use fonts

Google Fonts - A nice collection of free fonts that are easy to install and use.

Google this phrase, "Google fonts", or type this address "" and be prepared to spend an hour in memory lane as you snoop through 800+ fonts.  It reminds me of the 90's when fonts were all the rage.

All the fonts are free True Type (.ttf) and come from the OPEN FONT LICENSE project.

Downloading and Installing

From google's screen, select the fonts you want, then at the bottom of the screen, click the download icon; all arrive as a single ZIP file. 

Using File Explorer, double-click to open the ZIP file.
Copy all folders and paste into a location on your data drive or in your MyDocument's folder. 
Within each folder, "other-mouse-click" the .ttf file and select Install.

The font is ready to use in your favorite word processor, and other programs.

(Keep a copy of the fonts separate from your operating system, that way, when you upgrade to a new computer, the fonts travel with your data directory and are easily re-installed.)

Too bad you can't use them on webpages (web pages, such as this blog, restrict fonts to known families.  This way they display properly on devices when the font is not installed).  Other types of programs, such as word processors and pdf's, embed the font into the document, solving these types of conversion issues.

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  1. Thanks Tim. I see the download page recommends SkyFonts to maintain the fonts for web page display. Have you tried SkyFonts?


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