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Password Generator

Password Generator - program for building lists of random passwords.  Length and complexity is controlled by various options and the final results are written to an ASCII file.

This is a free Keyliner download that is a stand-alone executable.  No installation or configuration is required.  This program does not require registration, nor are there ads or nagware. Free to use for personal and commercial use.    

For a company's public wireless access, we needed a way to generate passwords with a one-week life-span, starting Monday morning through the next Sunday night.  This program generates several years worth of weekly passwords and outputs the results to a tab-delimited file.

When run, it writes a simple tab-delimited text file, editable with Notepad or excel.  Three columns: The password, a starting date and an expiration date.  If you only need passwords, ignore the date columns.


There is none.  Download and run the executable.

This is a self-contained .exe that does not need installation, registry changes, or configuration files.  Place the .exe in any directory.
Double-click to run.

Public GDrive Download Link:  PasswordGenerator

Download Notes:
When first launched, Windows 7 and above will flag the .exe as "un-signed and potentially unsafe."  This is because the executable was downloaded from the web.  If you trust my program, accept.  Once accepted, you are not prompted again.  This remains unsigned because certificates are too expensive.  Runs on Windows XP or newer and requires dotnet 4.0 or newer - you likely already have this.


1.  Launch the program.

2.  Choose a password strength.

     Default = "High" 
     (12 character passphrase, Caps, digits, likely multi-word, depending on length)

     For documentation:
  Lowest  = 8 Char, Capitals, No numbers
  Low     = 8 Char, Capitals, Numbers
  Med     = 10 Char, Capitals, Numbers 
  High    = 12 Char, Capitals, Numbers, likely multi-word
  Higher  = 14 Char, Capitals, Numbers, multi-word
  Highest = 16 Char, Capitals, Numbers, multi-word

     Optionally select "Require special characters"
     Where a space is a common special character, or periods and other symbols.

3.  Set the Count for how many passwords to generate.
     100 is approximately 2 years worth of weekly passwords.

4.  Type an output file path and filename or accept the default:

5.  Pick a Start Date (any Date) or ignore if not important.
     Set a cycle date; which defaults to a 7-day password rotation.

6.  Click Generate.

7.  Click the Notepad icon to view the resulting file.  Example results:

     The generated list has passwords and dates.
     Naturally, you can ignore the dates, if not needed.

Randomization Notes:

The intent is to generate multiple, random passwords (passphrases), but over the course of several hundred runs, it may assemble the same phrase.  This is okay.  Theoretically, you are assigning the phrase to different users or across wide time-spans.

At Strength=Higher and above, the program generates multi-word phrases.  To help block dictionary attacks, the stronger passwords have one or more digits appended. 

Password lengths are guaranteed to be the minimum length indicated but can be longer, with  variation in the generated lengths.  For example, a "High" password will be a minimum of 12 characters, but will randomly generate longer, 12 to 16 characters.  This makes passwords less predictable.

Drop me a note on how you used the program.  I welcome suggestions.

Humor:  Earlier versions of this program generated these passwords:  "FriskyHamster27", "KleptoChild6", and "CreepyFamily1".  Management called and the program was modified.  Now, all passwords are "happy"  with no personable nouns.  I am still fond of FriskyHamster.

For an interesting discussion on passwords and for the reasons for this program's design, see this keyliner article:  Link:  "Better Safer and Stronger Passwords"

Keyliner Download Link:  PasswordGenerator

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