Sunday, August 12, 2018

Android Address Book Edit Icon missing - Solution

Android Address Book, Edit icon missing - Solution

Unable to edit address book entries.  Unable to edit address book entry. 

Seen by author on Android Version 8.x with a Moto X4 and reportedly with older versions of Android, and other phones, such as Verizon and AT&T.

Instead of the Pencil icon, you see an "Add Person" icon or add "multiple person" icon.


Click the Add Person icon (illustrated); it will magically change to an Edit icon and all remaining address book entries will be fixed at the same time. 

This appears to be a bug in the Address Book and appears to only affect addresses stored in Google's online address-book.  Locally-stored addresses (why would you do that?  that is crazy-talk), appear unaffected.

Solutions that did not work:

Exporting address book and re-importing.
Deleting the Google-account and re-attaching.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Windows Media Player not updating Album Info with Pi-Hole

Windows Media Player not updating Album Information when using a Raspberry-pi Pi-hole

If you are using a Raspberry-pi Pi-hole (DNS Sinkhole) for blocking ad traffic, the pi-hole (at least on 2018.08) was blocking album metadata updates, album queries, album art, etc.

From your pi-hole admin screen, whitelist this address:

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Using a Raspberry-pi to block network-wide ads and nefarious sites.  I am using this with great fanfair: