Sunday, June 26, 2016

Logitech T630 Ultrathin Mouse

Review: Logitech T630 Ultrathin Mouse

Although I like my recent laptop aquisition, a Lenovo Yoga 900, I am frustrated with the Synaptics trackpad -- read Keyliner's Yoga 900 Review here.

To work around this, and because I am more efficient and comfortable with a mouse, I went looking for a portable mouse.  With my last laptop, I had a Microsoft Wireless mouse, which I liked, but it did not travel well, making a buldge in my laptop's carrying bag.  This always bothered me.

When your laptop is a half-inch thick, wouldn't it be nice if the mouse were similarly sized? The Logitech T630 was perfect.

The Good:
  • This mouse is as thin as it appears and fits neatly in your laptop bag
  • Solidly-built.  Feels relatively heavy and dense.  Does not feel "plastic-y". 
  • Bluetooth mouse - no USB dongle
  • Dual-channel bluetooth; can be used two systems
  • Rechargable (roughly 30 days to a charge) 
  • 1000dpi resolution
  • Scroll and zoom guestures work wonderfully (compare to the laptop's trackpad)
The Bad
  • Expensive, $70.00 U.S.
  • Mouse preferences (speed, accelleration) are set in the Windows Control Panel and the settings seem to affect the trackpad.  See below for details.
  • Logitech driver software does not disable the laptop's trackpad; both are active

The look-and-feel for this mouse is refined and solid and it is enjoyable to hold. Although it is smaller than a standard mouse, it is still comfortable and easy to use.

It has a featureless top, with no descernable left or right buttons, nor a scroll wheel, but it is a standard two-button mouse that detects all mouse clicks and scrolls as you would expect; you will have no troubles.  Other guestures, such as zoom (and others) work on the top surface, similar to a trackpad.  The edge is trimmed with a silver metal band.

Minor Software Problems

The only (minor) problem I have is with the mouse speed.  The standard mouse control panel's pointer speed and Logitech's "Set Point's" pointer speed seem to conflict.  If the mouse is turned on, and available, all is well.  But if the mouse is unavailable, the laptop's standard trackpad seems "too hot" and I have to go into the control panel to slow it down.  Then, when the mouse returns, it is now too slow.  I have not pursued this problem in detail.

One other minor issue is with the current Synaptics trackpad driver:  There is no option to turn off the trackpad if a mouse is present.  This is not Logitech's fault, but I wished Logitech would give the option.  This may have something to do with the touch-screen.

Other Features

The mouse comes with a short (12cm / 5") USB charging cable -- it won't take up space in your bag and it is the perfect size to lose.  A one-minute USB charge gives an hour's battery life.  Full charge takes about 1.5 hours and, according to their specs, lasts 10 days with continuous use.  I am getting better than 30 days with mine (when I turn off the mouse when not in use).  Naturally, it has a low-power idle mode.

Bluetooth range is about 10m and it works better than a USB dongle.  If your desktop or laptop does not have a Bluetooth receiver, then this mouse is not for you; there is no USB dongle-option.

I like the size of this mouse and its capabilities.  This is a recommended product and has the potential to replace your desktop's mouse.

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