Saturday, December 17, 2016

How to build an Over Provisioning Partition on SSD

How to build an Over Provision partition on an SSD drive.
How to build an OP partition on an SSD drive


On a newly installed Crucial 500GB SSD (MX300), setting up an OP-Partition failed with a message, 'Not enough room' to install.


While the SSD is installed as a slave / secondary drive, and before you clone the disk, format the entire drive as a Simple volume, assigning any drive letter.

Then, running Cruicial's Storage Executive, create the Over Provisioning partition on the blank disk.

Later, when cloning (using the free version of Acronis HD, or any other cloning software), manually set cloning options, where you will manually adjust the partition sizes.  Example steps on how to do this can be found in the keyliner article: How to install a Crucial MX300 SSD Drive.

Pay particular attention to the these three steps:
Install the New Drive
Format and Enable Over Provisioning and
Clone the disk

Full details can be found in this keyliner article:
Link: How to install Crucial MX300 SSD drive

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