Saturday, May 14, 2016

Windows 10 Desktop Tile missing

Windows 10 Desktop tile missing.  Cannot open Desktop, cannot find Windows 10 Desktop.  Windows 10 Desktop blank.

Starting with Microsoft patches and updates starting on or about 2016.04, the desktop tile appears to have been removed.

Opening Desktop:

1.  Pre-requisite:  The PC cannot be in Tablet Mode (in Tablet-mode, the desktop is disabled/hidden).  To turn off Tablet-mode (even if you have a tablet; little harm done):

a.  Start, Settings (gear icon), "System"
b.  On left-nav, select "Tablet Mode"
c.  Turn off Tablet-mode

This is safe to do, even if your PC is a tablet or convertable into a tablet.

2.  To open the Desktop, click the Start Menu once to activate the Start Menu tile screen.

3.  Click the Start Menu a second time to open the Desktop.  The Start Menu acts as a toggle.

Important note:  Opened or maximized applications will cover the Desktop wallpaper; minimize these applications to expose the desktop.

Restoring the Desktop Tile:

To my knowledge, there is not a way to restore the desktop tile.

Why the Desktop?
If you are going to the old-style Windows desktop to launch a program icon, move that icon to the Start Page by "other-mouse-clicking" the icon, and chose "Pin to Start".

Finding the Windows 10 Desktop Folder:

Using File Explorer, tunnel to C:\Users\YourAccountName\Desktop

This is not the actual desktop.  It is the folder tha holds all of your user-defined icons that live on the desktop.

Other Notes:
Likely, your Start Menu is set to occupy the entire screen (similar to Windows 8).
See Settings, Personalization, Start:  Use Full Screen Start Menu = "On"

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