Saturday, May 12, 2012

WordPerfect Problem - Nothing is selected to be published - PDF

WordPerfect Problem - Printing a large document, "Publish to PDF" -- printing a range of pages, fails with error "Nothing is selected to be published"

  • Large, document with Master and Subdocuments (Chapters)
  • Master Document is expanded; all sub-documents visible
  • PDF Page Range is a range beyond page 1 -- such as pages 161-248
This appears to be a bug in WordPerfect Version's 8 - through at least version X8

Possible Solution:

Insert a dummy single-page document at the front of the range.  For example, I have been using

Page Range:  1,161-248

Where you will print Page 1, plus pages 161-248.  Note the comma and hyphen.  I noted that my first chapter, pages 1-160 did not exhibit this problem -- noting page 1.  I suspect you could pick another page, such as "2,".

Unclear why:

Suspect the front pages of the document are numbered with  page-numbers, such as i, ii, x, etc., then page-numbers start with Roman numbers 1,2,3...   However, this is just a conjecture.

It does not appear that my master document is corrupted.  I did note this problem started when I edited pages in the master document (but not pages in the sub-documents). 

I also have a vague idea:  If you are re-printing the same PDF document, try giving it a different name (e.g. TEST.PDF).  I had success with this, but found I liked the 1,xxx-xxx method better.  If the added page bothers you, use a PDF editor to remove it in post-processing.

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