Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Slingshot - File Redirector

Keyliner Software: Slingshot - File Redirector

This document is under construction.  Place-holder for Help files.

Slingshot takes a locally-saved file and re-directs it to server locations of your choice, saving you from having to type a long server path.

Files placed in a special sweep folder (e.g. the "sling" folder) are picked up and "slinged" to the server by a periodic sweep.  Eight different user-defined locations are supported and typically one is marked as a default.

Files go to the default location unless tagged with a 1.-8. routing prefix -- an easy-to-type shortcut for end-users.  

If the server location is unavailable, files stack until that location becomes available.

Slingshot is a keyliner-developed application and (when released) is free to use for all personal and commercial use.  (C) 2019 by Traywolf keyliner.com

Real-world Example:
This program was originally to take inbound Rightfax Fax files (PDF's) and send them to a new location, without having to re-fax them.  Previously, users would receive a departmental fax and would realize it was sent to the wrong department.  They would then re-fax to the correct phone number.  The re-transmission would degrade the image quality because of a second-and-third-generation image conversion.  This program allows them to re-direct the fax to the final location, saving a second trip through the fax server. 

Download and Installation:
See below

Initial End-user Setup:

Steps assume a server template library is available and the Launcher application and the Slingshot.exe are copied locally, per the installation instructions.


End-user Testing:

Download and Installation:

This program does not need to be be "installed" - a simple file-copy is all that is needed.  A shared server location to store a Template and master-copy library is recommended.  (For testing, it can be installed and used in such a way as to only require a single computer)

1.  Pending.

Enhancement Requests:
1.  Filter each queue with a separate file-mask  (e.g. *.PDF) instead of by all-queues filter

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