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Office 2013 Custom Install - Administrative install - Install Options

How to install Office 2013 HUP with selected options
How to install Office 2013 using advanced install or /Admin options
How to install Office 2013 using advanced options instead of the Click-to-Run options
How to install Office 2013 to the D: drive, to a different drive, to an SSD drive
How to uninstall selected options or programs in Office 2013

Office 2013 (Home, non-corporate editions, "HUP") editions do not have any options when installing.  You cannot chose which drive to install to; you cannot chose which options to install. You are forced to install all of the office suite, including Powerpoint, Lync, Outlook, Clipart, additional fonts. Using Add-Remove Programs, Change, only allows a repair.  You cannot install or change selected options.

Unclear why Microsoft decided on this installation method. In any case, here is the somewhat painful and stupid solution.


1.  Uninstall previous Office 2013

2.  Download Office 2013 Free Trial from

Download the trial version that matches your disk.  For example, my disk came from an employee office purchase (commonly called "HUP") and was for Office 2013 Home-Professional Edition. As of 2015.08:

or search for Technet Evaluation Center or search "trial downloads".

Download either the 32-bit or 64-bit version.
I recommend the 32-bit version, even if 64-bit Windows.

Login using your account.  Likely, you already have the account and this would be the same account you use to login to your Windows 8 or Windows 10 desktop  (the original account, not the Windows 10 PIN).

Before starting the download, you will have to take a short registration survey.  This is minor.  Follow the on-screen prompts.

3.  Burn the downloaded .IMG file to a DVD

a.  Locate the downloaded .img file.  As of 2015.08 "OfficeProfessionalPlus_x86_en-us.img"

b.  With File Explorer, "other-mouse-click" the .img, chose "burn to disk"

4.  From the new DVD, run Setup.exe.  Chose your installation options

5.  For the Registration Code, use the same Microsoft number used with your original Office installation disk.

Other solutions suggested on the Web will not work:

Especially if you are using a HUP install (from your office), these often suggested ideas will not work....
*  From Add-Remove Programs, choose "Change"  (only offers to Repair)
*  setup.exe /admin   (cannot be used with a non-enterprise disks)
*  Office Customization Tool (OCT) (cannot be used with non-enterprise disks)
*  Editing the Config .xml file  (not available with the Home or HUB install)
*  Copying the CD to a local drive, then running Setup /admin  (fails for reasons above)

Every time Microsoft dumbs-down an install, it is frustrating.  I spent about 4 hours reading and trying options before this one was found.

Your comments welcome.

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