Sunday, June 24, 2012

Captain UnderPants Name Maker Program

For fun:  Captain Under Pants Name Maker.

A decade ago, when my children were little, they were reading the adventures of Captain Underpants, by Dave Pilkey.  In one of the stories, the book asked the kids to take a letter from their first and last name.  They were then instructed to look in a chart to generate a new name. Their new names were well-suited for people that age.

This looked fun and I wrote a program around the idea for my kids.  We played with this off-and-on for a few years until I out-grew it.  Today I stumbled across it again and thought it would be fun to post.

This is a screenshot of the program:

To use, type your name, press enter, and it generates a new name.  President George W. Bush is "Fluffy Toiletshorts" while President Obama gets "Cheeseball Hamsterbiscuits."  My name is nothing to brag about either, I get the ignominious "Tootie Picklelicker."

To download, click this Keyliner Public GDrive link:
NameMaker Download

The program is a simple EXE that installs with a file-copy.  There are no registry changes or installation routines and it was written in VB6. 

The name-selection algorithm is slightly more complex than the author's original design and that makes it more fun. Scattered throughout the screen are numerous Easter eggs with jokes that will make you groan.  It will take a lot of clicking to get through them all.

At the risk of cease-and-desist, and with apologies to Mr. Pilkey, you are welcome to download and have fun.

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