Sunday, October 16, 2011

Excel - Macro Editor Removes Spaces

How To: The Excel 2007 Macro Editor is automatically removing spaces between words while typing code.

While typing a new function name or other text in the Excel Visual Basic Macro, the editor  is removing the spaces between words as you type (automatically, unexpectedly, auto removing, auto-correcting).  For example, you may be attempting to type a new function name:

Public Function MyFunction()
but the editor will correct the text as "PublicFunctionMyFunction()"

Note: You have also likely installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 sometime previously.  This product introduced a Load Test Report Add-in that is apparently causing this bug.  This article is current as-of Office 2007, SP2.  I suspect Office 2010 exhibits the same issue.


1.   De-activate the Excel "Load Test Report Addin"  (add-in) using these steps:

a.  Click the Excel "orb" (File menu)
b.  Click the bottom-right button, "Excel Options"
c.  Click left-side "Add-Ins" menu
d.  In bottom, center pull-down, Choose "Manage" "COM Add-ins".  Click Go

2.  Uncheck [ ] "Load Test Report Addin"

3.  Press Alt-F11 to return to the Macro editor.  The problem should be resolved.

Making this change is permanent (for this workstation) and the change sticks for the current worksheet and all new and existing sheets.

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  1. This works! Indeed after Installing the beta release of Visual Studio 11, I have the described problem of Eating spaces in the VBA Editor with Excel, not with Word....)

  2. WinZip Courier (Excel) Add-In also caused the same issue. Unchecking it solved the problem.


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