Saturday, June 27, 2015

Burn ISO Image menu missing from Windows

Problem:  The "Burn ISO Image" menu is missing from File Explorer's context menu.  This article describes the solution.

To burn an ISO file to disk, follow these normal steps:

A.  With File Explorer, locate the .ISO file.
B.  "Other mouse click" the file, choose "Burn disk image". 

If the menu, "Burn Disk Image" is missing, another program has taken control of the ISO file extension.  Use these steps to return control to the default settings.

These steps work for Windows 7 and above:

1.  Open the Windows Control Panel
2.  In the Programs category, click "Default Programs"
3.  Click "Set your default programs"
4.  In the left-nav, select "Windows Disk Image Burner"
5.  On the bottom, click "Set this program as default"

This sets the Windows program
"Windows Disk Image Burner"  (C:\Windows\System32\isoBurn.exe)
as the default program for ISO and IMG files.

Why is the menu missing?  Likely, another CD-burner (such as Nero, Roxio, or other CD software provided by your hardware manufacturer) intercepted the menu.

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