Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Excel - Enable Macro Developer Options

How To:  Excel Developer Options - How to enable Macro and Macro Editing for Excel 2007/2010/2013.  This is an excerpt from a previous article

1. Launch Excel and Enable Excel Macros.

Microsoft considers all macros a security risk and this can be a nuisance.
Do the following to enable the macros.  This is a one-time step for all macros.

  • Launch Excel; click the Orb (formerly the File Menu); choose Excel Options
  • Click Trust Center, Trust Center Settings
  • Macro Settings
  • Enable All Macros
  • Older versions of Office have similar settings.

2.  Expose Developer Options

Office 2008
a.  Click the "orb" (or File Menu), Excel Options 
b.  On the left, choose "Popular"
c.  Click [x] Show Developer tab in the ribbon
d.  Click OK and return to the sheet

Office 2010
a.  Click File, Excel Options, "Customize Ribbon"
b.  In the second-column ("Customize Ribbon: Main Tabs"), check [x] Developer
c.  Click OK and return to the sheet

3.  Enable Option Explicit Variables
In Office 2010 and above:
From any Blank Sheet, press Alt-F11 to open the VBA Editor

a.   Select Menu "Tools", Options, [Editor Tab],
b.  Check [x] Require Variable Declaration

This replaces the "Option Explicit" line you used to have to type in macros -- forcing you to declare variables before using - a recommended practice.

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