Sunday, February 5, 2017

Western Digital WD Cloud Backup Drive - Revisited

WD Could Drive Backup - Revisited

Two years ago I purchased a 2 Terabyte Western Digital SAN drive for backups.  See Keyliner review here. The drive is connected to the network with a Cat-5 cable and it hides unobtrusively in a closet.   With included software, it backs up all of my data from several computers.  I never pay it any attention and after all this time, I am pleased to report it is doing swell.

Take a look at this:

One of the projects I am working on is a computer programming book on C#.  The software backs up any changed file in my data directory and it keeps 5 generational copies. With each generation, it renames the older version(s).  For example this shows Chapter 13:

Since I often save the documents while working on them, all of those transactions would overwrite the 5-generations within a single day.  I changed the software to backup changed files once per day, this way the generational backups go back several days.  From the illustration, there are five copies over five days with no effort or housekeeping on my part.

Not only does it backup, it also restores - said with some humor.  Earlier this week, I trashed a graphic image in that same chapter.  I seldom edit these graphics but was not worried.  The restore showed two versions, one when it was created and a second a few months later after an apparent edit.  Easily recovered.  Click, click, problem solved.

What a joy.

For two years this drive has been running non-stop.  It sits on a shelf, in the same closet as my router and hub.  All three devices are protected with a battery-backup UPS.  Oh my gosh, I get shivers thinking about how cool this is. 

Be sure to read my previous article for hints on how to best setup the backup.

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