Sunday, October 25, 2015

Code Formatter for HTML pages

Use this screen to generate html-compatible code-blocks -- blocks of code with indents that don't get compressed on an html page.  Paste results as html code into your editor.

This program was originally from and has been modified with additional features and bug fixes.

Formatting Options
Convert Tabs to Spaces :
Box Fill Color :
Box Line Style :
Box Line Thickness :
Line Height :
Line Code Numbering :
Code Block Width :
Code Block Height :
Embed Styles :
Alternating Line Shading :
Remove blank lines :
Optional Top Caption :
Paste Source Source Code Here
Result Code (copy this)
Draft Preview (not accurate on this page but looks great on yours)


  1. Copy the Result code with these steps:
    1. Click in the Result Code Box.
    2. Type Ctrl-A (select All)
    Ctrl-C (Copy)
    3. Open your web page, switch to HTML editing mode
    4. Ctrl-V (Paste)
    5. Return to your normal, non-html mode to see the results.

    The style sheets on this blog interfere with the Draft Preview window and the preview is not as accurate as i would like. But once paste in your site, it will appear proper, with your selected shading and border options.

  2. Fixed bug with BoxLineStyle: "SolidThick" by adding a new line-thickness selection. Changed red-bar underneath "Results" to a green-bar giving a better visual indication on where to copy the answer.


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