Sunday, October 25, 2015

Code Formatter for HTML pages

Use this screen to generate html-compatible code-blocks. Paste results as html code into your page. This program was originally from and has been modified with additional features and bug fixes.

Formatting Options
Convert Tabs to Spaces :
Box Fill Color :
Box Line Style :
Box Line Thickness :
Line Height :
Line Code Numbering :
Code Block Width :
Code Block Height :
Embed Styles :
Alternating Line Shading :
Remove blank lines :
Optional Top Caption :
Paste Source Source Code Here
Result Code (copy this)
Draft Preview (not accurate on this page but looks great on yours)


  1. Copy the Result code with these steps:
    1. Click in the Result Code Box.
    2. Type Ctrl-A (select All)
    Ctrl-C (Copy)
    3. Open your web page, switch to HTML editing mode
    4. Ctrl-V (Paste)
    5. Return to your normal, non-html mode to see the results.

    The style sheets on this blog interfere with the Draft Preview window and the preview is not as accurate as i would like. But once paste in your site, it will appear proper, with your selected shading and border options.

  2. Fixed bug with BoxLineStyle: "SolidThick" by adding a new line-thickness selection. Changed red-bar underneath "Results" to a green-bar giving a better visual indication on where to copy the answer.


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