Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Access 2007 Compact and Repair

HowTo: Access 2007 Compact and Repair Menu. Compacting removes deleted records, removes all prior (development) version of forms and reports and rebalances index files. Access databases will be more stable with periodic maintenance. If a database is active, I recommend running these steps monthly or quarterly. If you a actively developing VBA and Forms, do it more frequently.

Are you looking for the Microsoft Access 2007's Compact and Repair Menu?
Follow these steps:

A. No other users should be using the database; it is unsafe to compact while it is in use.
B. Recommend making a backup of the MDB (database) file prior to this step.

1. Open the Access Database
2. Click the File (Orb) menu
3. Choose Manage
4. Click "Compact and Repair Database"

In older versions, this was found in the Database Utilities Menu.
Especially if you are doing a lot of Form and VBA work, compact and repair the database frequently. Using Windows Explorer, compare the original file-size with the compacted size (press F5 to refresh the Explorer window); the amount of compacting is often surprising.

If you have a split database, where development happens in one MDB and the data is stored in another (which is highly recommended), Compact and Repair both, starting with the data first.

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