Thursday, September 1, 2016

Disable Third-Party Cookies in all Browsers

How-to: Disable 3rd party cookies in all browsers.

Do these steps to help mitigate advertising and tracking cookies.  This is recommended for all computer users.

Steps vary by browser:

FireFox Version 40+

1.  Click the Hamburger menu, "Options"
2.  In Privacy

     [X] Accept Cookies from sites
     Accept third-party cookies:  Never
     Keep until: "I close Firefox"

Third-party cookies default to "Always".  If you chose to keep this value, at the very least, "Keep until I close Firefox"


By default, Chrome is set properly, per my recommendations.  Confirm with these steps:

1. Click the Hamburger menu, "Settings"
2.  Click the "Advanced Settings" link, bottom of page

3.  In the Privacy section, click "Content settings..."
4.  Set these options

Select [X] Allow local data to be set (recommended) - The default
Select [X] Block third-party cookies and site data  (default)

Microsoft Edge  (Windows 10)

1.  Click the ellipsis, upper-right, "Settings"
2.  In Settings, scroll down and click "View advanced settings"
3.  Set "Block only third-party cookies"

Internet Explorer (Windows 10)

1.  Click the Gear icon (Settings)
2.  In the [Privacy] tab, click "Advanced"
3.  In Third-party Cookies, select "Block"