Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Spigen Slim Armor Phone Case - Review

Spigen Slim Slim Armor phone case for the HTC M8 - Review.

After trying several different cases for the HTC One M8, this is my favorite and is recommended.  It is functional, gracefully-made and attractive.

The case is made up of two parts, an interior rubber-like shell (black), with a decorative metal-like outer casing.  The metal (actually a hard plastic, but I thought it was metal for the longest time) is understated and classy, matching the contours of the original phone perfectly and comes in several colors.  I happen to like the gun-metal grey.

Ports and Buttons:

The power and volume rockers are molded into inner shell, and oddly, are more solid and work better than the buttons on the original phone.  They protrude more than the original phone -- and this is good because I can now easily tell which side is up just by feel.  Being more prominent and tactile, the buttons are easier to use.

The USB and headphone ports are exposed along the phone's bottom edge, easily accessible.  This is an improvement over a previously-tried Otter-brand "commuter" case.

The case has two narrow strips along the top and bottom edge of the metal that expose the phone's internal antenna, a well-thought feature.

The only drawback to the case is the phone's top-infrared transmitter is covered.  If you intend to use the phone to control your TV and Stereo, this case will not work.  The SIM cards are covered, but the case can be removed in a few seconds and has not been a bother.


The price is right:  Amazon sells this for $20 -- half the cost of a similar Otter case -- and I believe this case is better and slimmer.

Shameless link to Amazon:
www.Amazon.com/Spigen Slim Armor

The same design is available for other phone models.


If I could make any recommendations for this case, it would be the following.  Although the inner-shell is a soft-rubber-like plastic, I wished it were softer.  Dropped phones always land on the corner and it would be nice to have just a little more give.

Secondly, as stunning as the metal accoutrement is, I wished it had a little texture -- perhaps faint grip lines cut into the outside edges of the metal -- just something quiet, right where it bends around the edges of the phone.

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