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Logitech t650 TouchPad Right Click not working

Logitech t650 TouchPad Right Click not working, inconsistent, intermittent

This is an excerpt from a longer Keyliner article: Review Logitech t650 TouchPad

On the Logitech t650, right-tapping (right-clicking) for context menus were inconsistent and troublesome until I understood where the hot-area was.  When tapping or clicking, stay in the area illustrated below in red.  The gesture will not work if you are near the edge.  Right-clicking (as opposed to tapping) works, as expected, in this same area.

Note: This article assumes you installed Logitech's SetPoint software -- which is required to detect these zones.  If you have not installed SetPoint, only the mechanical right-and-left clicking works. 

You will have a habit of tapping with your middle finger anywhere on the pad, expecting a right-click event.  This doesn't work because the pad cannot tell which finger you are using.  It is the location of the tap or click that matters.

When right-tapping, tap quickly; do not linger on the up-take, or the stroke is ignored.

Clicking and Dragging

Clicking and dragging is the most problematic feature of this, or any touchpad, and the gesture takes time and skill to learn.

To highlight text in a document or to drag a rectangle in a drawing program, or to highlight a group of cells in Excel, do the following:

Tap to select the starting point.
Click and hold (not tap and hold - click the mechanical switch).
Drag, while maintaining pressure on the click.

Alternately, while maintaining pressure on the click, use another finger to drag.  This is probably the best way to use the feature.  When great accuracy is needed, I often use fingers from both hands.

Tap and Drag

The Logitech help-screens shows a gesture:  double-tap-and-hold, then drag.

This works for highlighting text but does not work for windows/title-bars, in drawing programs or in Excel.  This seems to be a bug.

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  1. Great review and helped me get these features working! The only one left is the double tap and drag for windows. I can mechanical click then drag the window to re-arrange but double tap does not work. glad its not just me

  2. Double taps work perfectly for me for dragging and resizing. Do you still have this problem?

    Also you can configure Setpoint to use other gestures for Right-Click (e.g. 2-finger tap) and they do not need to be restricted to any zone.

    Most power touchpad users do not use clicking since tapping is much convenient. Once you master tapping there is never any need to perform more cumbersome click-based operations.

    Perhaps some of the issues you encountered have since been fixed by software updates.


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