Monday, August 27, 2012

HTC One X Disable Spell Check

How To: HTC One X (HOX) disable spell check / word predition

Tired of your phone always correcting your spelling and giving unintended word choices on text messages?  Follow these steps to disable the feature on an HTC One X running ICS and HTC Sense 4.0:


For unknown reasons, probably a bug, the "Trace Keyboard" must be disabled before you can make spell-check changes.  You can return the keyboard option when done.

In "Settings"
Language & Keyboard
HTC Sense Input
* Set "Trace Keyboard" = Off 
(Note: If Trace Keyboard is enabled, Spell Correction options are grey)

In Language & Keyboard
HTC Sense Input
Advanced Settings (near bottom of list)
* in (Prediction Preferences) Uncheck "Spell Correction"

In the same section (HTC Sense Input/Advanced Settings),
recommend leaving "Word Prediction" checked
(it will still show correct spelling of words, but it will default to the word, as typed by you, rather than switching to the word it thinks you meant to type)

in section (Phone & Compact)
*  Uncheck "Spell Correction"
* Uncheck "Word Completion"

Press Back-Arrow to return to previous menu.
Optionally, return "Trace Keyboard" to On.

Final results:

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