Thursday, September 30, 2010

Article: The Carrier's Rebellion

If you are interested in smart phones -- or more accurately, if you are interested in the marketing of smart phones, read this blog article, The Carrier's Rebellion, by the

This is an insightful and well-written article

by Jean-Louis Gassée

"Before the Steve Jobs hypnosis session, AT&T ruled. 

Handsets, their prices, branding, applications, contractual terms, content sales…AT&T decided everything and made pennies on each bit that flowed through its network.  --Then the Great Mesmerizer swept the table. 

Apple provided the hardware, the operating system, and “everything else”: applications, music, ringtones, movies, books… The iTunes cash register rang and AT&T didn’t make a red cent on content.

"In the eyes of other carriers, AT&T sold its birthright. But they didn’t sell cheap. The industry-wide ARPU (Average Revenue Per User per month) is a little more than $50. AT&T’s iPhone ARPU hovers above $100. Subtract $25 kicked back to Apple, and AT&T still wins. More important, AT&T’s iPhone exclusivity in the US “stole” millions of subscribers from rivals Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile—more than 1 million per quarter since the iPhone came out in June, 2007.

The article continues with:
To the industry at large, the damage had been done. Jobs disintermediated carriers. 

Consumers woke up to a different life, one where the carrier supplied the pipe and nothing else. Yesterday’s smartphones became today’s mobile personal computers and carriers devolved into wireless ISPs, their worst fear.

Enter Android....
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