Saturday, June 24, 2017

WordPerfect Compliment

If you saw my previous post about self-publishing my C# programming manual on's Kindle, then you would know it was a large project.

The book, now divided into 3 volumes, 28 chapters, has passed 1,800 pages.  The last time I counted, it had nearly 1,000 illustrations.

A serious document that no traditional publisher would touch.  Plus, it was a crowded market with lots of similar titles.  But I know my book is one of the better ones out there.... 

After all this work, I still want the programming manual out in the real world.  Because of this, I chose to publish each chapter as a separate Kindle title, charging $2 or $3 -- making for a low-cost of entry. 

Editing 28 individual documents would have been a chore -- I needed to work with them as one large, multi-chapter book because page-numbering, TOC's and Indexes needed to span chapters.

How did I manage?  WordPerfect!


Most of you just snorted. "Tim still uses WordPerfect?  Sheese!" 

Microsoft Word would die on a document like this -- and I would still be cursing squirrelly graphics and bullet-lists.  I stand by my guns here.  WP knows how to handle complicated documents.

Case-in-point, today I was editing Volume 1, an 800-page documents behemoth (a master, with subdocuments, all expanded and all visible). 

Scrolling is effortless, moving from top-to-bottom and anywhere in-between, without delays.All edits and graphic changes are perfectly tracked.  Font and margin changes are made in the master document - one change and all chapters change. 

A click of the mouse re-generates the Table-of-Contents and the index rebuilds with a concordance file; this takes about 5 seconds.  Let me remind you, this is on an 800+ page document, with hundreds of tables, margin changes, and the like -- and all the graphics are right where they are supposed to be, flowing with the text without a problem.

When I save, each chapter parks itself out to the disk as a separate file and I don't have to keep track of them.  If I want, I can edit the chapters individually -- but seldom do.

WP to PDF to Kindle - Easy Cheesy

From the master document, I printed each chapter using WordPerfect's PDF option, and fed the results into the Kindle Text Book Creator.  The result - a perfect document, exactly as formatted.  Uploaded to Amazon, clicked Publish, and was done.  Super easy and kind-of-fun.

Even if I were using Word, I would still print to PDF and then import into Kindle -- this saves the formatting and graphic positions.  (But if I were using Word, the documents would not be as well-behaved.  Yes, I am opinionated about this.)

What is my point?  Don't be a snob and say Microsoft Word is the only word processor for you.  WordPerfect Student/Home is $50 -- and it saves in DOCX format.  If you are frustrated with your current word processor, try someone else.

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