Monday, January 13, 2014

Plantronics Voyager HD Headset no longer working for phone calls

Problem: Plantronics Voyager HD Bluetooth Headset no longer working for phone calls. Bluetooth Headset will not connect during voice calls.

Headset announces "Phone 1 connected"
Headset plays MP3 music
Headset announces talk time, disconnects, etc.
Bluetooth Headset settings were marked for both Phone Audio and Media Audio.
But Headset does not work during a phone call.

These instructions demonstrate an HTC One X phone, running Android 4.x.  Steps should be similar on other devices and other headsets.

Confirm this first:

A.  In the (Android) main Settings screen, confirm Bluetooth is On.

B.  In the main Settings page, click Bluetooth and locate the paired device.  On my phone, this appears as "PLT_VoyagerPro connected".  Click the Adjust-Settings icon on the far-right of the headset's name.

C.  In the Profiles section, confirm Phone Audio and Media Audio are turned on.  If not, turn the phone audio on and exit these screens.

D.  Test using the headset by calling Voice Mail (press and hold the "1" key on the numeric dial-pad).  If you still cannot hear the call, continue with the steps below.

Better Re-Pairing (Paring) Instructions:

I spoke with Plantronics support and they suggested these steps.  The first, solved my problem.

1.  From the phone's Bluetooth settings menu, delete the headset (de-pair).

2.  Exit the settings page and return to the phone's home page.

3.  Important, and this is the keys step:  Power-off, then on the phone.  This re-sets the bluetooth stack.

4.  Re-pair normally  (Press and hold the headset's power button for approximately 10 seconds, until the LED flashes alternating red and blue.  Turn on the phone's Bluetooth.  In the Settings page, bluetooth, click on the the advertised headset.  If prompted for a code, use "0000".

5.  One re-paired, click the Adjust-Settings icon on the far-right.  Confirm Phone Audio and Media Audio are selected (see illustrations, above).  Return to the phone's main screen.

6.  To test, dial voice-mail (press and hold "1" on the numeric dial pad).  Confirm you can hear the call.

Other Diagnostic Steps:

a.  Consider pairing the headset to another device, such as a tablet or another phone. If this pairs successfully, it indicates the problem is with your phone.  If it fails to pair or fails to work on the other device, suspect a problem with the headset.

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