Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dell 15Z Dell Backup and Recovery

Discussion:  Dell Backup and Recovery "Recovery Media" hangs after building the first disk in Windows 8.  As of 2013.02.05, no solution.

Building Recovery Media fails after writing the first DVD disk.
Disk 1 of 3 is built properly.
Prompted to insert Second disk, but disk immediately ejects without writing.
Prompted again to insert second disk.
Program appears to hang.

No solution.

This is a known bug; Dell is blaming Microsoft.

I contacted Dell Technical Support, India and they admitted a problem with the software and sent a physical recovery disk by second-day air.  I will likely not pursue a software solution now that I have the media.  If you have a solution, post a comment here. 

Other Posts: Tried and failed

Some posts recommend applying all Microsoft Patches and this would solve the problem.  However, as of 2013.02.05, this did not resolve the issue.

Other posts recommend flashing to the latest Dell BIOS.  In the case of the Inspiron 15Z, no new BIOS is available and this did not resolve the problem.  However, I doubt a new BIOS would resolve this issue; it appears to be software.

Other posts recommend writing to a 16GB pen drive.  Keyliner was unable to test this, having only an 8GB flash drive.  The program detects this and will not allow you to write the recovery disks on a smaller media.  With this said, I do not recommend writing a recovery disk to a flash-drive.  Flash drives do not make good, long-term storage and should be refreshed occasionally.  Also, booting from Flash requires some fiddling in the BIOS.

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