Thursday, November 1, 2012

Stop Messages in PSP X3, X4, X5

How to: Stop advertising messages in Corel Paintshop Pro versions X3, X4, X5

Paintshop Pro (PSP) has developed an annoying habit of displaying the same advertsising messages when the program closes.  One would think once the message was read, it would go away; alas, no.

These steps work in Windows XP and Windows 7, but may not in Windows 8.
Read below for more information.

Steps to Stop Message Popups:

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8

1.  Launch Paint Shop Pro into Edit mode

2.  Click the funny icon near Close box

3.  Click Settings Icon (gears), choose message Preferences; uncheck message box.

4.  Close PSP and re-open/close to test.  You may need to dismiss messages one more time.

Wish: Instead of this obscure location, one would hope these settings would move into the expected "Preferences" screens and you wouldn't have to read articles like this.

Messages are stored in the appdata folder and can be deleted manually with these steps:

For Windows Vista and 7 users (also Windows 8, but steps do not help):
  1. Launch File Explorer
  2. In the URL bar (address bar), type:  %appdata%
  3. Open the Corel / Messages Folder
  4. Delete contents
For Windows XP users:
  1. Click START
  2. Click RUN
  3. Type:  %appdata%
  4. Double click on the Corel Folder
  5. Highlight the Messages folder and press the delete button on your keyboard

Other Possible Windows 8 Steps:

On one of my machines, the above steps did not resolve the problem. De-installing and re-installing PSP resolved the problem.  This is not a great answer to this problem, but after several messages with Corel Support, I could not find a better solution.

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