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Dell XPS M1530 Windows 8 Drivers

Dell XPS M1530 Windows 8 Drivers.
Updated 2012.12.01 - New Alps Touchpad Drivers

This is a sister article to Keyliner's popular  Dell XPS M1530 Windows 7 Drivers.

Recently, I upgraded my venerable M1530 laptop to Windows 8 and even with the default Microsoft drivers.  I am pleased with the results and the upgrade to Windows 8 was a positive experience.  In general, he machine is working as-well or better than in Windows 7.

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This article is under development, but here are the drivers I have found so far.  These are rough notes.  I invite comments.


Upgrading the BIOS is required, especially for improved power-save features and because of Video driver concerns.  This is the same recommendation as Windows 7.  Note, the XPSM1530 mother board is an Intel Mobile 965PM.

Check your BIOS version during a cold-boot, looking at the bottom DELL splash screen. If you see "A12", the BIOS is current.

NVidia 8M

Download the latest video drivers. 
My machine uses NVidia; your model may be different.

NVidia GeForce Drivers for Windows 8. 
Version 306.97

NVidia Download:

Intel Chipset Device Software (INF Update Utility)


Intel Chipset Download

Download:  infinst_autol.exe

The install will extract files with a significant delay.
Reboot when prompted.

There might be some argument for not installing this driver in Windows 8, and allowing the default operating system drivers to handle this.  I have installed successfully on my machine but am unsure of the benefits.

Intel Rapid Storage Technology - RST

Intel Download: Intel Rapid Storage  11/29/2010
Choose the STOR-allOS version.

Important Note: Intel's newest RST SATA version 10.6 (and Windows 8 version 9.3.0) and above do not work on the M1530 -- giving a message, "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing this software".

There might be some argument for not installing this driver in Windows 8, and allowing the default operating system drivers to handle this.  I have installed successfully on my machine but am unsure of the benefits.

IDT Sigmatel Audio Drivers

The Windows 7 version of the driver installs with no errors but does not actually work.
I recommend staying with the default Windows drivers.  I will continue to research this devil of a driver.  See Dell XPS M1530 Windows 7 Drivers

By default, Windows is installing
IDT "Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher"
Date: 2010.02.26

Ricoh Memory Card Reader
Default Windows drivers are adequate. 
Do not install the Windows 7 versions.

Marvel Yukon Network Driver:
Date: 10/26/2012

I can not take you directly to the driver-download link. Instead, open this site and search for "Windows 8 Installer".  As of 2012.11, Marvell did not show "Windows 8" as a valid operating system (platform) choice, but oddly, they had a Windows 8 installer.

Note this is a Zip file.
Open the downloaded folder, copy and paste the interior contents.
Run the setup.exe

Intel Wireless Network


As of 2012.11, use the default drivers installed by Windows 8.  Intel does not show a Windows 8-specific version for either of these network cards and I do not recommend installing the Windows 7 version of the drivers.

If you have other brands, specifically dell-branded wireless cards, I recommend spending $15 and upgrading the hardware.  It is seriously-easy to do:  See this keyliner article:  Upgrading a Wireless Network Card.

Alps Touchpad

The Toshiba Touchpad drivers, recommended for Windows 7 will not work and will cause the workstation to hang.  Instead, use these Windows 8 drivers:

Fujistu Download:  Touchpad Drivers
Version: 8.100.404.201-DR12-0831_W8-64

1.  Download Fujistu drivers; expand by running the download exe.
2.  Run "DPinst.exe" and allow to install.
3.  Reboot when prompted
4.  In Mouse Control Panel, note new tab: "EdgeAction(TM)"

Alternate Dell Vistro drivers can be found here (not tested by keyliner):
Dell Download:  Touchpad Drivers
Date: 10/23/2012
version:  8.1200.101.209, A00

After installing these drivers, edge detection with the mouse seems improved. 
When using edge-detection with the pad, you will have to teach your fingers a new trick and begin your swipe, starting on the palm-rest.  Amazingly, it will not edge-detect if you start on the very edge of the pad; you have to start further away.

Other swipe actions, such as the inside to outside edge do not work as expected.  However, a standard mouse works well with the same gestures.

WebCam Driver:

Note: This section has not been tested yet by Keyliner, but I suspect this is correct.
The Webcam is comprised of two parts: A driver and an application; both are required.

Driver description: Creative Labs Laptop Integrated 2M CCD Webcam
Dell Download: Not available
  • Windows 8 default drivers appear to have detected this correctly.
Application Description: Creative Labs Dell Webcam Manager
This is an application and initial testing shows it works fine in Windows 7. This is safe to install. Creative Labs is not producing a 64-bit version of this program. Be aware this is a 140mb download.

UPEK FingerPrint Reader

UPEK was bought by AuthenTec and the default Windows 8 drivers work correctly -- actually, they work very well and I have been pleased with the results.  The Control panel will guide you through the setup.  Details on how to do this are pending but the Windows 8 control panel wizard will guide you through the process with ease. This is an improvement over the Windows 7 drivers.

Not yet found; sorry.

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