Friday, July 22, 2011

PSP X3 Bug - Bottom Pixels being Cut off

How To: Corel PaintShop Pro X3 (PSP X3) truncates bottom pixels from a selection when pasted.

Some installations of PaintShop Pro PSP X3 are truncating the bottom row of pixels when pasting the selection onto another graphic or other layer.

Vendor Solution:

As of 2011.07.22, This solution is not part of Service Pack 4 and the patch must be applied separately. This patch will not arrive via automatic updates. If Service Pack 5 (5+) is released, this patch may be obsolete and should not be used.

Important note: PSP Service Pack 4 (or later) must be applied prior to this patch.

1. Confirm Service Pack version:

Launch PSP X3, Help, About.
Look for this version:
Close PSP prior to applying the patch.

Note: PSP X3 SP4 can be found here.

2. From Corel's site,

Link: 000005465 - pixels along the bottom edge of a selection dropped

Download the FTP file displayed in the article to a known location.

3. Launch and install the downloaded file:

File Details:

This patch does not change the version-number.

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