Monday, July 13, 2009

MSConfig Nag

Howto: Getting rid of the MSConfig balloon prompt "Windows has blocked some startup programs." (MSConfig annoyance nag)

I recommend occasionally running MSConfig to clean-up startup programs. You can read all the reasons here.

But you may get bugged with this balloon message: "Windows has blocked some startup programs".

Getting Rid of the Prompt:

1. Right-click on the MSconfig System-tray icon (the prompt in the lower-right corner, after a boot).

2. Choose "Run Blocked Program";
Choose "System Configuration Utility".
If you do not see this choice, see Exceptions, below.

3. The next time you reboot, you will be presented with this prompt: "Don't show this message or startup system configuration when Windows starts". Check the box and OK. This will remove the annoying prompt.


If you dive into the "Run Blocked Program" menu but do not see 'System Configuration Utility' and instead see another program, whose name will vary, do these steps:

A. Run MSConfig and take this program out of the startup list:

  • Launch MSConfig
  • In the [Startup] tab, look for the offending program and uncheck it (which disables the program). At the next boot, the prompt should be gone.

Of course, all this begs the question: Why didn't Microsoft simply give you an option in the popup window to stop prompting? Perhaps Windows 7.

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