Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Targus Laptop Case

Mini-Review: Targus Laptop Case CBT300:

My old laptop bag, which I've had for years, reminds me of a suitcase with 200 pockets and I'm still looking for things I've lost in there. Slinging this behemoth over my shoulders was like carrying an over-sized carpet bag and it was clearly designed for older, thicker machines.

Recently, I replaced it with a Targus-brand case (CBT300). It has just enough pockets for all the other crap you always have to carry but it is not overbearing. The case is thinner than the old one, so it is easier to carry. This model is designed for 14 and 15" laptops. I believe they make a larger one for 17" models.

It has some thoughtful touches:
  • Inside Velcro Strap holds the laptop in case you forget to zip the case closed
  • Inside pockets have a protective tabs over the zipper; keeps from scratching the finish
  • Outside pocket for passports and airline tickets
  • Mid-pocket for power-supply, pens, business cards, etc.
  • Backside pocket for larger papers and a magazine
  • Durable handle and strap; comfortable
Things I wished they changed:
  • I wish it were another inch thinner; as it is, it is still a tad too thick for my XPS laptop.
  • The inside bottom could use a bit more (soft) padding, in case you drop it
This case is recommended.

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