Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Vista's Mountain Wallpaper

Vista Mountain Wallpaper Scene: where, who, when. Plus, for fun, comments on how I edited the picture to suit my needs.

One of Vista's default Wallpapers is a mountain scene with a reflection in the lake (C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper\img22.jpg). Steve Fu, a Microsoft Employee, took the original photograph in 2003 at 5:am, Enchantment Lakes Basin, Washington, with a tripod-mounted Nikon D100 and an 18-35mm lens. See SeattlePi.com

With complete disregard for the natural beauty and the original photographer's intent, I used PaintShopPro to edit the photo, removing foreground details, such as grass, rocks, etc., and then I added a broad expanse of water; reflecting other objects and trees in order to learn the photo-editor. My intention was to make a less-cluttered wallpaper.

Here is the original:

Below is the "new" version, designed for wide-aspect ratio screens (newer-styled monitors).

Of course, this violates one of my long-held principles about photography: Foreground detail is good and adds depth to a picture. But this version has a less cluttered foreground, which might make for a better wallpaper; icons don't get as lost.

To Download a full-sized version of this image:

You can download a full-sized image, suitable for your wallpaper, by using one of two methods:
To download from Keyliner's Public GDrive, click this link:

Keyliner Wallpaper Link (Recommended: Best image quality)
or follow these steps

1. Click Once on the image below, for a larger size
2. From the new View, "other-mouse-click," choose "Save Image As"
3. Once downloaded, locate the file in Windows Explorer
4. Select the File, Other-mouse-click; choose "Set as desktop Wallpaper"
5. Click the right-x to return to this article

You may also be interested in the following photograph I took in Idaho's Sawtooth mountains - Toxaway Falls. Click this article by Cropping Wallpaper Photographs for a discussion on how to best crop for wallpapers. You can download this same image from Keyliner's public GDrive: Keyliner Wallpaper Link

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